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Albuquerque is New Mexico’s most populous city with more than 555,000 residents. It is located in central New Mexico on the Rio Grande. People move here for a number of reasons, like to attend the University of New Mexico or to work at the air force base of numerous research institutions.

Nob Hill is considered an urban center full of offbeat shops and restaurants. It is also home to art galleries, bars and many other attractions. The homes here are very eclectic in terms of architecture. Many students live here too.

Western Albuquerque’s Ventana Ranch is one of the city’s fastest-growing communities. Many young families purchase homes here. Schools and parks have emerged in recent years as well, especially as families learn how affordable housing is in Ventana Ranch.

One of the most popular southern Albuquerque neighborhoods is South Valley. This is one area where agriculture is a significant part of the local culture. It is a very rural area with many large homes available.

North Valley, situated in northern Albuquerque, is the greenest part of the city. It includes many vineyards, farms and sprawling manors. This is the area with the biggest plots of lands and most expensive homes. Many middle-class families opt to live here with their children because it is considered very safe.

Eastern Albuquerque’s Foothills makes for a perfect neighborhood. This is the place to live if you are looking for fantastic city views and custom homes. You will also find many opportunities for outdoor recreation here.

Albuquerque is a diverse city with much to do and see. You will find many types of neighborhoods to choose from, with homes of all styles.

Fun Facts about Albuquerque

93% of the houses for sale have pictures. On average an advert for Albuquerque has 42.133 pictures.

In Albuquerque the most popular choice of bedrooms is 3, followed by 4 and 2.

In this vicinity you may find houses in Albuquerque within Estates At Santa Monica and Holly Estates.

We all want to make the most of our money’s worth. The average price per square foot within this search is $172.23/sq feet, with an average price of $435,641 and area of 2,529sq feet.

Real Estate Agencies available in Albuquerque with houses for sale are Abrazo Homes, Pulte Homes and Del Webb.

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