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Saint Paul is Minnesota’s capital and one of the state’s most populous cities. The city is home to more than 285,000 people, making it the most densely populated county in the state. Situated on the Mississippi River and right next to Minneapolis, Saint Paul is part of a large metropolitan area. This makes it a popular spot for people to purchase real estate.

Saint Paul’s Greater East Side is one of the most populous parts of the entire city. It is a middle-class district with a variety of home styles. It is also a popular spot for local workers to live because it is conveniently located for commuting.

Southeastern Saint Paul includes the neighborhood of Dayton’s Bluff. This community has been renovated in recent years, leading to growth. Many of the homes here are still very old, but you will find an eclectic mix here.

Thomas-Dale, more informally known as Frogtown, is situated around University Avenue. It is a popular part of town filled with a variety of people. It is often compared to Summit-University, a diverse community with a variety of homes up for grabs.

Como Park is also a lovely neighborhood, full of fun and recreation. Residents are near a golf course, swimming pool, zoo and friendly paths for biking and walking. Plus, the schools here have great reputations.

As you look for real estate in Minnesota, keep Saint Paul homes on your list. With so many wonderful communities to choose from, there is no reason not to move here.
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