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Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota. This city is home to over 392,000 residents of many cultures. The area where Minneapolis was founded was home to Sioux Indians until the United States Army built Fort Snelling in 1819. With the arrival of Fort Snelling, the population of Minneapolis grew rapidly.

Residents of Minneapolis have thousands of businesses in the area in which to shop and work, and have many lakes and waterfalls in the area. Minnehaha Falls and Saint Anthony Falls are some of the more popular waterfalls in the Minneapolis area. The Minneapolis park system is renowned as one of the best park systems in the United States. In addition to local parks, residents of Minneapolis have many other entertainment options. Professional sports teams, theater, and numerous dining options are available to people looking for activities in the Minneapolis area.

Residents of Minneapolis enjoy temperatures in the 80-90 degree Fahrenheit range during summer months, and winter temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Fahrenheit to lows well below zero. With these winter temperatures also comes a great deal of snow, which residents use for recreation by sledding and skiing.

The Minneapolis school system includes many public and private schools, as well as colleges. The university of Minnesota, Dunwoody College, and Augsburg College are a few of the colleges in Minneapolis.

Residents of Minneapolis can commute to their jobs via cars, or take the light rail system or metro bus system that is prevalent around Minneapolis. The median home value in Minneapolis is 157,000 dollars and the median income for residents of Minneapolis is 66,000 dollars, with a variety of companies for Minneapolis residents to start their professional careers.
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