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The California charter city of Lancaster is located in the Antelope Valley, just 70 miles away from Los Angeles. Lancaster is considered part of the Mojave Desert, though it is still the 30th largest city in the state. In recent years, the city’s population has grown significantly. It is now home to 156,000 people.

Although many people think of Lancaster as located in the middle of nowhere, the city is actually full of things to do. More than 600 acres of parkland, playgrounds, dog parks and picnic areas are available to the public. In addition, Lancaster is also home to a stadium that hosts minor league baseball games. The performing arts center features a number of community productions and classical music performances. Lancaster is also home to the only musical road in the country, which plays the William Tell Overture.

Several annual events take place in Lancaster. The largest festival is the California Poppy Fest, which draws up to 60,000 people each year. The city also hosts a downtown street fair and farmer’s market and an annual go-kart racing event.

Lancaster is not all about play, however; it is served by three school districts. The after-school programs are among the state’s best, with several private Christian schools available too. When it comes to higher education, Antelope Valley College and California State University of Bakersfield offer courses in Lancaster.

If you are considering a real estate purchase in Lancaster, there are plenty of homes to choose from. You will find a variety of neighborhoods and styles of homes to choose from.

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