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Vallejo is Solano County’s largest city with more than 115,000 people. This California city is part of the San Francisco Bay Area and is located on the San Pablo Bay. Vallejo is home to several big name attractions, including Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and a ferry to San Francisco.

West Vallejo is one of the oldest parts of the city and reaches the waterfront. This area also encompasses downtown, which is home to many Victorian mansions. A new bus system has made public transportation for West Vallejans easier. The historic neighborhoods in this area include Saint Vincent’s Hill, Vallejo Old City and Bay Terrace.

East Vallejo is the largest region of the city and contains many of the newest neighborhoods. It has grown considerably in the last few decades as large homes began to develop. The most popular neighborhoods include Silverview, Skyview Terrace and Somerset Highlands.

North Vallejo’s most well-known neighborhood is called Country Club Crest. Many affordable homes are also found in the neighborhood known as Rancho. Many families find that this neighborhood offers convenient access to the freeway.

South Vallejo, also known as the Hillside, includes many newer homes. It also contains some historic areas, including Sandy Beach. Fishing shacks resided here in the 1800s.

Mare Island was once home to a naval base but now has plenty of new homes. It is also the location of Touro University, national historic landmarks and a golf course.

Vallejo is a beautiful coastal city that is just perfect for a growing family. If you are looking for prime real estate, this might be the best place to begin looking.

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