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Situated in San Bernardino County, Victorville is not one of the largest cities in California. Located in Victor Valley, the population of the city is 115,000. Today, Victorville is known as the Key City, a nickname alluding to the entrance to the high desert from Southern California. If you are thinking about purchasing real estate from Victorville, there are a few things to consider.

Victorville is situated just along the Mojave Desert, 81 miles northeast of Los Angeles. The city is actually closer to Barstow, 34 miles away, and San Bernardino, 37 miles away. This makes it an easy place to live for day trips and other travels.

Living in the desert means that the summer gets very hot. The arid climate comes with cool winters that can reach about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers reach temperatures higher than 90 degrees.

Employment in Victorville is diverse. Many residents work at the airport, local college or hospitals. Retailers and the local school districts also hire many residents. The correctional facility is also a significant employer.

The main form of public transportation in Victorville is the Amtrak station. The train line ends in Chicago on one end and Los Angeles on the other end.

While there are not many attractions in Victorville, there are certainly a few things you can do on the weekends. The California Route 66 Museum is among the most popular local attractions.

Victorville is a great place to live. Many families simply adore living here. If you are thinking about buying real estate in the city, explore the many options available to ensure it is the best place for you.
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