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Tempe is an Arizona city located in Maricopa County. The city is home to more than 161,000 people and is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Aside from providing a lovely place to buy real estate, Tempe is also a commercial and educational center.

One of the benefits to living in Tempe is that it comes with the best of both worlds. By no means is Tempe a small place; it is a moderately-sized city. It is also not a giant city full of traffic and pollution. You can choose to live in the outskirts of Tempe and have a rural lifestyle if that’s what you want to do.

Tempe comes with its own unique culture, including music, arts and education that you will not find everywhere. For this reason, young families and college students are attracted to the Tempe’s atmosphere. Many Tempe residents are well-educated and motivated self-starters.

Several school districts serve the city of Tempe. The Tempe Elementary School District and Tempe Union High School District both provide service for the majority of the town. Higher education also has a presence in Tempe. Arizona State University, Maricopa County Community College District and Rio Salado Community College are all within city limits.

Shopping is readily available in Tempe. The city is full of restaurants, marketplaces and even nightclubs. In fact, more than 175 retailers and restaurants are open for business in the downtown region.

Moving to Tempe can mean finally coming home. If you are thinking about purchasing Tempe real estate, you will find that there are many options available.
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