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Historically, Staten Island was settled by the Huguenots 14,000 years after remains of the Clovis culture were found scattered about the island. The Huguenot culture remains a vibrant part of Staten Island. Reminders of their past history still pervade the southern end of the island. Later, it was explored by Giovanni Verrazano and Henry Hudson. To this day, Staten Island offers many interesting cultural values like the 1696 Voorlezer's House, Richmond Town Museum and panoramic Verrazano and Outer bridges. For residents of Staten Island, these views include the New Jersey coastline to the south, downtown Brooklyn and the iconic Statue of Liberty. Residents enjoy these sights daily.

Life on the "Island" is Different. Rising from the middle class Huguenots of the 1800s to the middle 1950s, Staten Island, one of New York City's five boroughs has an autonomous aura. Within such close proximity to New York City, Staten Island residents much prefer their autonomy and have on occasion, threatened secession. Fiercely independent Staten Islanders love the advantage of the distance between New York and New Jersey, preferring to create a colloquial existence unique from all other boroughs. Staten Island is replete with museums, a zoo, theaters and many forms of entertainment. Most notably, Staten Island's beaches remain a popular resort for residents from Tottenville north to Midland Beach. Life on Staten Island is different due to residents who value their unique cultural origins and the numerous attractions Staten Island has to offer.

History buffs love to delve into various Revolutionary War sites and the famous Mount Loretto Unique Area. Mount Loretto was once the largest working farm on the East Coast, tended by missionaries and orphans saved from the Orphan Trains and the abandonment and deprivation of life on the streets on New York City
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