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One of the most unique cities in the country is Seattle, a Washington city offering a rich culture you just won’t find anywhere else. More than three million people live in the Greater Seattle area and about 570,000 people live within the city boundaries itself. Still, it remains a laidback city in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle has a unique history. It was named after the chief of the Suquamish Native American tribe, a man named Noah Sealth. Before this, the area was also called Duwamps. In 1889 the city was devastated by a great fire that burned the downtown buildings to the ground. Within one year, the downtown was rebuilt on top of the devastation. You can see some of the remains on a tour of Seattle’s underground.

The weather in Seattle is typically consistent, with lots of drizzle and moisture. While it does not rain as often as people may think, gloomy skies do top the city 220 days of the year. Mild summers and cool winters characterize Seattle’s seasons.

Outdoor recreation is a major component for Seattle’s culture. People who live here tend to be incredibly fit, usually due to a reliance on walking and biking in the downtown areas. Seattle residents love to attend live music clubs as well, with the grunge scene making a major impact on the local culture.

Buying a home in Seattle offers a diverse landscape. Modern condominiums are available downtown while large houses are available in unique neighborhoods. Houseboats on the water are also a unique staple of local culture. Each section of Seattle is unique. Homes in Seattle tend to be more affordable than those in other major cities, especially in terms of homes that offer great views. Whether you want to live a progressive agrarian lifestyle or you want to live in a downtown center, Seattle may be your best bet.
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