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Rochester, New York - The Eastman Kodak City of the World: Rochester, New York is most famously known for its largest manufacturing business, Eastman Kodak, who for generations has provided a boost to Rochester's economy and employment sectors. There's so much more to Rochester than its famous manufacturer.

Visit Rochester and Enjoy Northern New York State: Rochester has a wonderful small town appeal even with its large skyscrapers towering high in the sky. There's much to enjoy about Rochester in any season of the year. The city shops and restaurants offer a wide range of choices with that quaint New England appeal that's uniquely Northern New York State. It's been the ideal location for companies like Bausch & Lomb and the unique Xerox Tower. In autumn, the riot of colors that blanket the foliage give the city a "golden" glow.

Rochester's Local Communities: Like many large cities, Rochester has a patchwork quilt of interlaced local communities that make tourists feel welcome and at home. There's Charlotte, bordering Lake Ontario, the elegant Victorian Corn Hill neighborhood nearest the downtown area and Upper Monroe, very residential area with Cobbs Hill Park that includes athletic fields, a reservoir and tennis courts that are a popular local feature. In North Winton Village, tourists can enjoy the 82 acre Wilderness Park. This park gives Rochester that unique semblance of a typical Northern New York state "North Woods" appearance.

The Jewels in Rochester's Crown: Visitors to Rochester can stop by the Rochester Museum and Science Center in the Park Avenue area referred to as the Neighborhood of the Arts. Here, avid enthusiasts of museums, culture and art find several days of activity to enjoy. These are the jewels in Rochester's cultural crown. To fully enjoy a picturesque tour of Rochester, visit the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood.
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