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The Lure Of Riverside, CA For Homeowners. At one time it was believed that Riverside County was going to be the next major suburb of Los Angeles. While the movement of residents east of Los Angeles never happened in mass, it did create a city environment in Riverside that is appealing for many home owners. They are located far away from Los Angeles to avoid some of the traffic and less than pleasant city elements, but close enough for those working in Los Angeles to live in Riverside.

For those that are looking for a government job, you will find that there are many state agencies and some federal offices that have chosen to locate their offices in Riverside itself. There are also many businesses for the creative minded individual ranging from theatrical performances to artistic companies. Some movie production companies have located to Riverside to avoid the congestion of LA as well.

Entertainment is one of the great appeals for anyone purchasing a home in Riverside. There are many different restaurants located downtown, ranging from national chains to locally owned restaurants. You can find some very good Mexican and Asian inspired restaurants in the city.

One of the forms of entertainment that has disappeared from many parts of the country is still thriving in Riverside. That is the drive-in movie theater. You can relax in your own vehicle and watch a movie on a giant screen. This can be very appealing to families moving to Riverside that don't want to pay for tickets for each member. Speaking of families, Castle Park might not be the largest amusement park, but it provides a full day of entertainment at reasonable prices. Riverside continues to appeal to those that want to live close to LA, but still feel they are part of a smaller city or community.
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