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Pittsburgh, with a population of more than 306,000 residents, is one of the top choices for families to move on the east coast. Also known as Steel City, Pittsburgh has a well-established steel industry supporting its economy. The city is also known for its 446 bridges and its tall skyscrapers.

There is so much to do in Pittsburgh, from shopping in trendy boutiques to taking a relaxing morning walk through the park. Whether you go to a university and want to enjoy the nightlife or have a family and want to live close to work, there is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh that will work perfectly for you.

Downtown Pittsburgh is a popular choice for those who love the hustle and bustle of a big city. Here, you can live in a condo, loft or apartment that suits your family’s size. Central Northside is another popular neighborhood, offering a diverse community with many opportunities for entertainment and arts. Fun venues in Central Northside include the Pittsburgh Public Theater, Children’s Museum and Heinz Field. This is a popular commuter home. Those seeking a trendy place to call home turn to Squirrel Hill, just east of downtown. Trendy restaurants, bakeries and shops make their homes here.

Each part of Pittsburgh is unique, allowing you to choose the neighborhood that makes you feel the most comfortable. In fact, you have 90 of these neighborhoods to choose from. There is certainly a reason why Pittsburgh has been rated the most livable city in America by several magazines.
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