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Making Orlando Your Permanent Home. Many people think of Orlando as a vacation destination. They think of the large family attractions such as Disney World and MGM Studios. Sometimes they are blinded to the fact that they could actually live in the city or neighboring suburbs and enjoy those destinations throughout the year as a local resident.

Florida was one of the first markets to suffer when the recession hit, in terms of the residential housing market. The market is also starting to rebound there first. This means that the smart shopper will try to purchase properties at the beginning of the rebound. For some this is an attempt to find an affordable price on a place to live for an extended period of their lives. For others, it is an investment opportunity. They may be looking to purchase residential, multifamily, or commercial properties as an investment and revenue generating strategy.

Purchasing a multifamily property in Orlando is smart, as you can then use it how you wish. You may design your units as weekly rentals for vacationers. You also might split it out into condos for people to purchase. The key is to market that property properly to maximize your profit.

Orlando does market itself in some ways. In addition to the theme parks, there is plenty of shopping located within the city and suburbs. It is close to the beach and benefits from the warm Florida weather. This allows residents to enjoy an active lifestyle, as well as a passive one enjoying the entertainment that is presented to them. Orlando offers that advantage with relatively few days of cold air, making it attractive to those that wish to relocate from areas such as the northern portions of the US. Invest smartly and their desires can be your profits in the current market.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $246
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Average price per  sq.feet  $1.77
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