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As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark is home to more than 277,000 people. The city is also part of the New York metropolitan area, just eight miles away from Manhattan. Those looking for a new piece of real estate will love the many options to choose from.

One of the most popular districts in Newark is the North Ward, which includes neighborhoods like Forest Hill. Many high-rise apartments are located here, but it is also possible to find a selection of home styles. Architectural styles include Victorian, Gothic and Beaux-Arts.

Newark’s Central Ward is full of history and recreational opportunities. It is home to Lincoln and Military Parks, historic homes and at least 26 public schools. Today, the Central Ward is considered the heart of the city.

The West Ward encompasses neighborhoods like Vailsburg, Ivy Hill, West Side and Fairmount. This district welcomes diversity and is one of the most affordable options to find real estate in the city. In addition, this ward is home to a number of local attractions.

South Ward contains neighborhoods such as Clinton Hill, Dayton and South Broad Valley. The district encompasses 17 schools. Clinton Hill is among the most popular of the local neighborhoods and includes mostly residential homes. There are some shopping centers and offices here as well. In addition, many of the homes have been converted from single family homes to multi-family homes.

Newark’s East Ward includes the downtown area, specifically the commercial center of the city. East Ward includes the Ironbound neighborhood. As the cultural center of the city, it is quite diverse.

Many families opt to move to Newark to be near the city. It is quite a popular option because of the many choices in real estate available.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $217
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