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New Orleans, Louisiana is a major city in the United States, featuring a major port. As the largest city in the state, New Orleans is home to more than 340,000 Louisianans. The entire New Orleans metropolitan area has just over one million residents. Situated just along the Mississippi River, New Orleans is a major city for tourism and business.

New Orleans was named after a city in France after it was founded by a French company in 1718. In 1763, the Treaty of Paris gave New Orleans to the Spanish empire. Eventually it found its way back into the hands of the French. Napoleon sold Louisiana to the United States in 1803, ceding its abundance of crops like sugar and cotton.

This city is known for more than its history; its jazz music and festivals have gained worldwide popularity over the years. New Orleans is the center of Creole and Cajun cuisines. You can enjoy a po’ boy sandwich during Mardi Gras or a beignet for breakfast after a morning walk along Bourbon Street.

In your search for real estate in New Orleans, you will find that the most popular neighborhoods are the more historic ones. These include St. Charles Avenue and the Garden District. Homes in these areas are relatively affordable for such a wealthy neighborhood. The French Quarter is also known for its young professionals in addition to tourists exploring the city. More artsy folks tend to settle in the Arts District as well.

Humid and subtropical weather make New Orleans a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. Summers are warm and humid while the winters are mild and brief. With so much culture to experience, it is no wonder so many families opt to move to NOLA.
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