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Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city with nearly 600,000 residents. Situated along the southwestern coast of Lake Michigan, this city is a significant cultural and economic center for the state. Parks, sporting events and educational facilities make Milwaukee a desirable place to purchase real estate for new families.

Brewers’ Hill is a small Milwaukee neighborhood just north of downtown. Situated on the Milwaukee River, this neighborhood is quite diverse. It offers a number of architectural styles, including Greek Revival and Queen Anne homes. The historical homes in this neighborhood are restored for modern living.

Sherman Park is located in northwest Milwaukee and was once a place for new business owners to live. Today, it includes many of the city’s most beautiful homes. Today, many of them are quite affordable too.

Thurston Woods is known as a diverse neighborhood with quiet streets and affordable homes. It is also easy to travel downtown here. Residents also like the tight-knit community Thurston Woods has to offer.

Holler Park is considered a somewhat rural part of Milwaukee, featuring many gardens and walking paths. Plus, the neighborhood has a ton of wildlife. It is not uncommon for residents to see deer, raccoons, owls and opossums.

Murray Hill is an eastern neighborhood featuring bungalows, duplexes and apartment buildings. It is an affordable neighborhood, making it popular among students and new families.

Milwaukee is a wonderful place to live, especially if you are thinking about affordability, urban living and outdoor recreation. Even though this city is somewhat urban, there are plenty of opportunities for windsurfing, long walks on the coast and much more.
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