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One of the cities most associated with Tennessee’s southern culture is Memphis. Memphis is home to more than 655,000 Tennesseans, establishing it as the largest city in the state.

Memphis is home to a humid subtropical climate, allowing residents to truly experience each of the four seasons. Tennessee summers are hot and humid with winter weather cooling down significantly.

Tennessee is incredibly rich in culture, leading to much celebration throughout the year. Memphis in May is among the most popular festivals, celebrating the heritage and culture of the city. Residents also look forward to barbecue competitions, symphonies and music festivals.

Several neighborhoods in Memphis are perfectly suited for families. The oldest district in the city is Downtown, which overlooks the majestic Mississippi River. The Main Arts District is another historical portion of town which includes galleries, museums and much more. Midtown is an eccentric part of the city, great for entertainment, nightlife and delicious food.

Memphis is served by Shelby County Schools, including more than 200 public facilities. Many schools in Memphis are private college prep programs with religious leanings. More than 10 college campuses also make a home in Memphis.

Museums are a major component of Memphis culture. Graceland is among the top attractions in town, drawing Elvis and music fans from around the globe. This city is also home to the National Civil Rights Museum, Bels Museum of Art and the Cotton Museum. Families also visit local parks, of which there are many.

Though Memphis is a major city, it is generally an affordable place to live. The cost of living in Memphis is significantly lower than the national average. Housing, utilities, groceries and transportation are relatively affordable for families moving to the area.
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