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Buying A House In Las Vegas Offers Plenty Of Entertainment. If you are looking to purchase a new home in a location where you can get a great deal on a home and have plenty of opportunities for fun and entertainment. The housing market was overbuilt in the first decade of this century in Las Vegas. That has provided a large volume of vacant homes on the market at attractive prices.

Purchasing a home in Las Vegas gives you many different options for entertainment, both indoors and outdoors. The Las Vegas Strip is one of the attractions many people think of first when they think of Las Vegas. What many fail to realize though is that it offers much more than just gambling.

Many residents enjoy a night of entertainment in Las Vegas on the Strip without ever walking into a casino. There are many restaurants operated by some of the most famous celebrity chefs in the world. There are also high quality hidden gems throughout the city for those that take time searching in the small local neighborhoods for dining.

Theatrical shows are something that the casinos do well in Las Vegas. These can range from broadway style productions to comedy shows. Magicians can be found at many casinos as can dance clubs. The variety offered is a major lure to both residents and visitors alike. Some casinos even offer discounts for locals attending their shows.

Indoor entertainment is not the only option in Las Vegas. Just outside of the city there are some beautiful parks to hike through. You can see very attractive rock formations and unique wildlife during your hike. You might even rent a high powered vehicle and test it at top speed in the desert. When you live here, Las Vegas is your playground throughout the year, making tourists wishing they lived here too.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $287
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Average price per  sq.feet  $1.35
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