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Indianapolis, the capital city of Indiana, is also the state’s most populous city. Located in Marion County, Indianapolis is also the 13th largest city in United States. If you are thinking about moving to Indianapolis, you will find a number of neighborhoods to choose from.

The Bates-Hendricks neighborhood, southeast of downtown Indianapolis, offers both commercial and residential spaces. In recent years, the neighborhood has been in transition as it is modernized. More residents are buying homes here rather than choosing to rent because of the amazing real estate values.

Many families opt to move near Brookside Park, a municipal park located right next to downtown. It is in an urban area and offers a public pool, baseball field and basketball courts.

Fall Creek Place is another remodeled section of the city, offering sprawling Victorian homes and small modern houses. The early 2000s saw a boost in home quality with remodels and city projects.

Little Flower is a neighborhood in eastern Indianapolis featuring a collection of bungalows built in the 1920s. Many families opt to purchase homes here because of the affordable prices.

North Irvington Gardens Historic District is an older residential district. No distinct architectural style prevails here, but many of the houses have historic significance within the town.

Woodruff Place is just east of downtown and is one of the earliest suburbs in the city. Large homes and apartments are the norm here, as it has become a modest assortment of dwellings in a very desirable part of town. Many Victorian homes and bungalows are available.

Indianapolis is a great destination for homeowners in the making. You will find many neighborhoods to choose from when you consider purchasing a home.
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