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As one of North Carolina’s largest cities, Greensboro is also the largest in its county. As home to more than 277,000 people, Greensboro is a great destination for those looking to purchase real estate. With so many reasons to move to Greensboro, it is no wonder people are flocking to the numerous historical neighborhoods.

The oldest neighborhood in Greensboro is known as College Hill. In addition to historical homes, many families find spacious retreats here. The Southside neighborhood offers many historical homes. Its recent redevelopments have made it a beautiful place to live.

Aycock has a reputation built on its beautiful homes. The large Queen Anne homes make quite an impression on those purchasing real estate. Craftsman and Colonial Revival Homes are also popular styles here.

Manchester Village has a reputation as one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city. It was established in the 1920s as a place to live for business leaders and others with significance. Irving Park is also quite prestigious, built around a golf course.

Glenwood is known for its attractions and the University of North Carolina in addition to its rich diversity. In addition, many of the homes in this region are small ranch-style homes.

Downtown Greensboro offers an active community. Nightlife and education are major components here, offering a number of bars and museums. This is the location of the Greensboro Historical Museum and the Children’s Museum.

If you are looking for a new home, Greensboro is a great city to start with. It has many beautiful homes and a rich culture to offer.
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