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Fresno is the biggest city in Central California’s San Joaquin Valley with more than 509,000 people. This makes Fresno the fifth largest city in California and 34th in the United States. Though Fresno may seem surrounded by farmland, it is actually a thriving oasis all on its own.

Central Fresno, also known as downtown, is the heart of the city with 14,000 residents. This part of Fresno offers a variety of unique shops and restaurants in addition to the convention center , baseball stadium and several venues for live music. This area is considered very walkable with a low cost of living.

Hoover is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Fresno, partially because it is made of suburban homes away from the city’s center. It is a family-oriented part of town near the mall offering good schools and a reasonable cost of living.

The Fresno High Roeding area is a large neighborhood just northwest of central Fresno. This part of town offers easy access to the downtown area, offering lots of shopping and food. Plus, this neighborhood is very close to Fresno City College.

One of the most desirable neighborhoods in Fresno is known as Woodward Park. This area offers a number of parks, equestrian trails, restaurants and playgrounds. The proximity to necessities and low crime index make this area noteworthy for future residents.

Fig Garden is another prestigious part of Fresno, offering a combination of historical and modern homes. Recent renovations have created a thriving amusement center for residents and visitors.

Semi-arid weather makes Fresno a haven for farmers. The foggy, wet winters and hot, dry summers are perfect for those looking for distinct seasons. Fresno has many neighborhoods that will suit your family.
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