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Understanding the Nature of a Quadruplex. As you begin to consider different types of dwellings for rent, you will come across what is known as a quadruplex. Buildings of this type sport a total of four separate apartments that are all under the same roof. This arrangement is very common in many cities, and effectively allows the owner to provide ample living space that four different tenants can enjoy.

The basic design for a quadruplex includes a two story structure that is equipped with a front door opening onto a central hallway. The hallway will feature a staircase that provides access to the second floor of the structure. On the bottom floor, you will see doors on each side of the hall. Those doors lead into the two apartments that are housed on that floor. You'll also find mailboxes located in the common area of the hallway.

On the second floor, you will also see doors for each of the two upstairs units. It is not unusual for a window to be located at the far end of the second floor landing. The window ensures that there is an adequate amount of natural light in the space. This arrangement also ensures that the landlord can create some sort of point of interest near the window, such as a low table, a lamp and maybe even a plant.

The layout for the apartments are usually uniform. This makes it easier to keep the structure of the plumbing and wiring systems a little more simplistic. Typically, the bottom and top units on the right sport the same layout, while the units on the left feature mirror images of those layouts.
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