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Renting Furnished Condos for Short Term Stays. If your employer is sending you to town on special assignment for a few months, there is really no point in investing a lot of time and money in setting up an apartment. At the same time, the prospect of living in a hotel for those few months is not all that appealing. The obvious solution is to look at furnished condos in the area and set up a short term lease.

By choosing to go with a fully furnished condo, you will not have to worry about purchasing much of anything. The condo will include just about everything you need, from sheets for the bed to cookware that you can use to prepare meals at home. There is even a good chance that the condo will come with small appliances like blenders and mixers, ensuring that you don't have to purchase anything that has to be packed or disposed of when the time comes to return home.

Best of all, you avoid making any long term commitments with the rental. As you look around town, you'll find that a number of condo owners are more than happy to arrange short term leases that run anywhere from three to six months. There are even some condos that you can secure on a month to month basis.

As with any type of living arrangement, take the time look around and weigh your options. Consider the location of different condos, especially in relation to work, shopping, and any other sites you are likely to frequent from time to time. With a little time and patience, you can find the ideal place to call home for a short while, and be able to settle in without any problems.
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