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Exclusive lofts for sale in the US

Are Exclusive Lofts Right for You?. While you like the idea of becoming a homeowner, a traditional house in the suburbs is not really what you have in mind. When this is the case, considering the option of exclusive lofts near the center of the city is certainly a good idea. The right loft will come with amenities that you will enjoy for years, and also include a setting that ensures you don't have to be concerned about who moves in next door.

With exclusive lofts, potential buyers are screened carefully. This is usually managed by the owner of the loft apartments, with some help from a resident association. The general idea behind this approach is to make sure that everyone living in the building meets certain standards set by the community. For example, you may have to maintain a certain level of income from one year to the next. The lofts may be off limits to pets, or be designed with people in certain age brackets in mind. If you happen to have a wife, young kids, and a cat and dog who will be part of the household, it is better to know up front if there are any issues that could cause your application to be rejected.

Keep in mind that once you are granted the ability to purchase a loft in an exclusive building, there are still responsibilities that must be met. Annual fees that go to the upkeep of the plumbing, wiring and even replacement of the roof when necessary are common. Make sure you can afford to manage those fees in addition to the mortgage and your other monthly expenses. If doing so would put a great deal of stress on the household budget, you may want to work with a realtor to find some other type of home for purchase.
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