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If you feel the need for a weekend getaway, few options can beat renting a chateau for a long weekend. When making the arrangements, it helps to check on a few key factors that will make your stay more comfortable. You will find that many owners are happy to oblige, leaving you more time for rest and relaxation.

One of the first issues to address is stocking the kitchen. For a fee, you can arrange for someone to make sure the pantry and the refrigerator is fully stocked for your stay. In addition, cookware can also be on hand. Even if you plan on hiring a short-term domestic to handle all the cooking, having the kitchen fully prepared will make it much easier for everyone to settle in and enjoy the weekend.

You also want to make advance arrangements for cleaning the chateau during and after your stay. Have someone come in and put fresh linens on the beds. The place should be thoroughly cleaned so that it is spotless when you arrive. If you plan on staying for more than a few days, having a domestic come in once or twice a week to make beds, wash linens, and take care of basic housekeeping is a must. In addition, it helps to contract with a service to give the chateau a complete cleaning immediately after your departure. Doing so will ensure that any deposit that the owner required will be returned, and you will have the opportunity to rent the chateau again next season.
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