4 bedroom houses for sale

4 bedroom houses for sale in the US

Why You and Your Spouse Should Look at 4 Bedroom Houses. You've just married and now the two of you are looking for your very first home. Even though the family is still small, both of you have agreed that children are part of the plan. Rather than focus your attention on homes that you can add to later, why not look at 4 bedroom houses located in areas where you would want to live for several decades?

The general idea of looking at 4 bedroom houses now is that once the kids to begin to arrive, there will be no need to think about moving. Instead, you and your spouse can use those spaces for other purposes in the interim. For example, one of the spare bedrooms can be set aside for crafts while another one is used as a home office or den. When the kids begin to come alone, all you have to do is convert the spaces into nurseries and then later children's bedrooms.

There is something to be said for being able to eventually fill the house rather than having to move as the family expands. Your children will have the benefit of growing up in the same home, and with the same neighbors for all those years. Assuming you chose well, they will be within reasonable distance to all the school zones, making it easy for them to move with ease from elementary to junior high and eventually to high school. Best of all, you and your spouse have the chance to make friends in the neighborhood and enjoy those relationships even after the children are grown.
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