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Ranch homes are particularly known for having all of the rooms on one story. They can be small and cozy, or large and sprawling, but though there may be a basement, there will not be an upstairs level. They may have an attached or detached garage. This is particularly good for people who have difficulty with stairs due to disabilities, retired couples who plan to spend the rest of their years in a certain home, and those who live in high wind and other weather conditions where taller homes are structurally less sound than one-story buildings.

Ranch homes usually take up more square footage on one story than other housing types, because of their sprawling layout. Because of this, they often come on larger lots than other home styles, and are more often found in more rural areas instead of city lots. Ranch homes can be located in large housing developments, or on large pieces of property. Unlike certain housing types, this is a very versatile option when it comes to location. Ranch houses exist throughout the United States, in every type of climate. They can be designed to fit well with the architectural aesthetic of most neighborhoods, except those with a single housing design plan.

Ranch houses with basements often function much like a two story home. The advantage of the basement story is that the ground functions as natural insulation, and will be a much cooler living area in the summer, and a warmer area in the winter.
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