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The Simplicity of a Garage Apartment. If you are looking for something nice in a residential area but don't want the hassle of renting a house, consider the possibility of a garage apartment. Units of this type are usually built on the second floor of an existing garage, and offer a compact space that is tasteful and easy to maintain.

With a garage apartment, you get the benefits of have a fully functional kitchen coupled with a living and dining area. The bathrooms will often sport showers, although you may be lucky enough to find a unit with a shower/bathtub combination. One of two small bedrooms will also be part of the mix.

There are other features that may also be included with a garage apartment. Some landlords install small balcony areas that can provide the ideal place to grow a few potted plants and even set up a nice place to sit outside during warm weather. Since the unit is typically reached with the use of an outdoor staircase, the landlord may include a landing that can serve the same function as a porch or patio area. While the space may be smaller than most apartments, the fact that you have all the basic amenities contained in a small space means that you will have no trouble keeping the place in order.

When renting a garage apartment, make sure you verify the utilities included in the monthly rental rate. Most landlords will supply water, and may even provide electricity. That you will leave you with the need to establish your own accounts for cable, telephone, and Internet services.
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