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Farms for rent in the US

Would You Like to Own a Small Farm?. While city living is all right, the idea of having your own small farm does sound enticing. The idea is to find a place that is large enough to allow you to grow some of your own food, but not so large that the upkeep is more than you can manage. With a little planning and some patience, you can find the right amount of land and a house that becomes the perfect home.

Focus your attention on farms with fewer acres to manage. You may want to make sure some of the land is still in trees, since this would be an asset you could draw on later. Ideally, the property should be surrounded by a fence, making it much easier for you to control what happens on the property. This approach will also help to increase the level of security and privacy associated with the home.

As you look over the smaller parcels of land, make sure that there is level space for planting. While it is possible to plan rolling fields, the amount of work involved is a little more intense. Since you will be more or less a weekend gardener, all you really want is a couple of acres for vegetables, maybe a small amount of space for growing flowers, and enough space for a decent amount of front and back yard space.

For the house, opt for something that is set back from the road. If you find a property and the house is not in the best of conditions, make sure the foundation is firm, the structure is basically sturdy, and the wiring and plumbing are in good shape. Doing so could allow you to negotiate a very competitive price, leaving plenty of money to make the necessary cosmetic improvements.
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