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Duplexes for rent in the US

Living in a Duplex. If you are looking for a place to rent, considering a duplex makes a lot of sense. In many ways, this type of living arrangement provides the benefits of living in an apartment building, but eliminates some of the potential problems. After checking out a few duplexes in the area, chances are you will find one that is exactly to your liking.

The design of a duplex involves the creation of two distinct living spaces that are connected by a central wall. Many designs call for the two units to mirror one another. This helps in terms of keeping costs for plumbing and wiring a little less expensive. As a result, the owner can rent the units at more competitive rates, something that is certainly in your favor as a tenant.

A common design calls for arranging the more public rooms within each apartment along the shared wall. This means that the living room, dining room, and the kitchen spaces will reside on each side of that common wall. More private spaces, such as the bedrooms and the bathroom, will be positioned toward the exterior walls, an arrangement that helps to promote privacy.

Thanks to layouts of this nature, you are less likely to hear what is happening next door. More importantly, they will not be as likely to hear any noise coming from the more private areas of your unit. This is certainly an improvement over many apartment settings, where you have to deal with noise from above, to the side, and below your unit.
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