Condos with 3 bedrooms for rent

Condos with 3 bedrooms for rent in the US

Summer Entertaining and Condos With 3 Bedrooms. If you happen to be among the lucky people who own condos with 3 bedrooms, it is possible to enjoy some company throughout the summer. With the extra space, there is always the opportunity to invite friends to visit for a week here and there. Provided that you set aside the bedroom that is furthest away from yours, this arrangement can work very well.

Most condos with 3 bedrooms have a design that includes a master bedroom with attached bath. This obviously will be the space that you occupy. The other two bedrooms are typically arranged so that they will share a bathroom that is also accessible from the hallway. This provides you with the ideal situation for making sleeping arrangements that are to the benefit of everyone.

The best approach is to prepare the bedroom that is the greatest distance from your master bedroom for your guests. Doing so effectively places one bedroom as a buffer zone between each of the rooms that will be used for sleeping. As a bonus, having a room in between will ensure that you are less likely to hear when your guests are using the shower. They in turn will be far enough away that they will not be awakened when you get up during the night.

Keep in mind that one way to make sure this type of setting does not lead to someone hinting about the use of that remaining spare bedroom is to turn the space into a den. This can also work out well for everyone, since you can use the space for playing games or other activities, while others are in the living room watching television or listening to music.
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