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Bungalows for rent in the US

Is a Bungalow Right for You?. There is no rule that says everyone has to live in a large home. For people who are single and plan on staying that way, a simple bungalow that comes with a small garden in the front and back can make for a very comfortable home. All you have to do is determine if this type of dwelling has the features that you need in order to be happy.

While the definition of a bungalow varies slightly from one country to the next, the term usually refers to a dwelling that is no more than one story in height. Everything is found on one floor and can easily be accessed from any point in the home. Typically, the rooms are a little smaller, something that will work to your advantage if the idea of keeping up a large house is not particularly high on your list of things to do.

You may find bungalows that do include sleeping lofts in place of attic space. With this design, there is usually a ladder or possibly a small staircase that leads to this loft. There is also the chance that the bungalow would include a finished attic that you could use for a guest room, a home office, or maybe even an artist studio.

Outside, the yard area will also be somewhat compact. There will be room for you to set up a sitting area outside in the back yard, and maybe even have a few flowers here and there. Assuming you have a privacy fence around the back garden, there will always be a cozy spot to get a little sun or enjoy a good book without being interrupted.
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