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What Can You Do With an Attic Space?. You've found a home that you really like, and it happens to include an attic. While the space is not finished, it would not take much to turn it into an area that you could use for any number of purposes. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of that finished attic space.

One option is to turn the attic into a spare bedroom. Since the room will be removed from the rest of the household, your guest can enjoy a reasonable amount of privacy. Make sure that the attic design includes a stairway to reach the space, and that a door makes it possible to close off the attic when it is not in use.

Another approach is to convert the attic into a hobby room. If someone in your household enjoys woodworking, sewing, or even collecting old train sets, the attic will be the ideal space for this type of activity. Since no one will enter the space without your permission, it will be okay to leave patterns out on a cutting table, or to leave partially assembled train sets on the floor while you take care of other important business.

You could even make the attic into a den or home office. Depending on the provisions for natural light into the space, adding more lighting and having a few built in cabinets put in position could be all it takes to create an ideal work space. This approach is especially helpful if you are an independent contractor and want a work space that is somewhat removed from the rest of the house.
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