3 bedroom apartments for rent

3 bedroom apartments for rent in the US

Singles and Three Bedroom Apartments. Just because you are single, that is no reason to discount the potential of three bedroom apartments. There is no rule that says you have to use the extra space for sleeping areas. In fact, this number of bedrooms can prove quite helpful.

Conversion is the key to making the best possible use of those spare bedrooms. One approach is to take the one that is furthest away from the main part of the apartment and turn it into your home office. If you sometimes work at home, or just want a place for your desktop computer and room to keep your paper documents organized, this approach makes a lot of sense. Once the home office is set up, you may even find the motivation to seek out some part time work online, and make yourself a little money on the side.

There is also the option of turning one of those extra bedrooms into a den. This will allow you to keep the main living area more for parties and social events. The den can be a little more casual in nature, and serve as the home for your favorite chair, a comfortable sofa, and entertainment equipment such as the television and your sound system.

This approach would leave you with one spare bedroom for company. You of course use the remaining bedroom as your sleeping area. To ensure your guests have privacy, consider placing the home office or den in between the two bedroom spaces. Having a buffer between sleeping areas will come in especially handy if you and your guest don't happen to go to bed at the same time of the evening.
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