2 bedroom apartments for rent

2 bedroom apartments for rent in the US

Should I Be Looking at 2 Bedroom Apartments?. Even though you are single, there are some compelling reasons to consider 2 bedroom apartments. While it is true that one bedroom would provide you with a place to lay your weary head at the end of the day, there's all sorts of things you could do with that extra bedroom. Here are a couple of suggestions.

One approach is to turn the spare bedroom into a den. This would allow you to make the living room a little more formal. If you like to entertain, having a living room that is a little more uptown will work well, especially if it adjoins the dining room. By contrast, the atmosphere in the den can be a little more casual, making it the ideal place to curl up with a good book or to watch a little television.

You could also convert that second bedroom into a great home office. Invest in a nice desk, complete with a file cabinet for your important papers. The desk should also include an addition that will serve to house the printer and the scanner. With your home computer all set up in one space, you can easily have room to store your favorite CDRs, games, and other related equipment and software.

Finish out the home office with a comfortable desk chair, some nice artwork for the walls, and even a couple of comfortable seats for visitors. With a little planning, your home office could even be the means of creating an ideal work space that you could use to start your own part time money making effort.
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