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El Paso is a large Texas city that is among the largest in the country with more than 672,000 residents. The name El Paso is actually Spanish for “the pass” alluding to the position of the city near the border in western Texas. El Paso is also part of a larger metropolitan area.

Kern Place is a historic neighborhood in El Paso, serving as one of the most popular suburbs in the city. It is located just east of the University of Texas and north of downtown. It remains a popular place for students to move, especially because of its entertainment and food offerings.

The Park Foothills is one of the best neighborhoods for those who want to live in a community with easy freeway access. Located at the foot of the Franklin Mountains, this community has experienced intense growth in recent years. It is especially popular among military families looking for new homes and apartments.

Tierra Del Este is full of new houses, making this community a booming environment. Families love this community because of its good schools, including El Dorado High School. This is among the best neighborhoods to move if you are looking for a new, affordable home.

There are plenty of desirable cities in Texas and El Paso is one of them. If you are looking for a western Texas town for new real estate options, you really cannot do much better. El Paso has everything from great schools to spacious homes. You can explore the neighborhoods at your convenience to find one that you like.
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