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Denver is the capital of Colorado as well as the largest city. The county of Denver is second only to El Paso County in population. It is located in the South Platte River Valley with the downtown district located immediately east of where Cherry Creek and the South Plate River meet. Denver has the nickname of the “Mile-High City” because it is actually situated exactly one mile above sea level which means it is one of the highest major cities in the United States.

Parks and Recreation: Denver boasts over 200 parks (2006) from mini-parks to giants that comprise 314 acres. It also has 29 recreation centers that provide places for residents to congregate for recreation and relaxation. Chessman Park was originally a cemetery while Genesee Park is the largest among the Denver Mountain Parks.

Culture of the City: The city was originally founded in 1859, and Apollo Hall opened shortly thereafter. Many plays have appeared on stage there for interested residents. The first Opera House opened in the 1880s.

There are also many museums in Denver that include a new wing for the Denver Art Museum. The only performing arts center larger than this one is the Lincoln Center in New York City.The Colorado Convention Center hosts a gem and mineral show in September of every year.

Making Denver Your Home: Denver’s proximity to the mountains combined with its sunny weather make it the perfect choice for those interested in living in an active city with many outdoor activities. Many of the residents spend weekends in the mountains skiing during the winter months or hiking, kayaking, camping and other similar activities in the summer.
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