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As one of the largest cities in the United States, Dallas is by far one of the most famous cities in Texas. With a population of more than one million residents, Dallas is sprawling. Moving to Dallas raises a lot of questions for families, especially with so many neighborhoods to choose from.

Downtown Dallas is one of the most popular areas to live in the city. Many hip and trendy residents move to the Dallas Arts District, which features performing and fine arts. The West End Historic District is considered part of the old town and features nightlife and shopping opportunities. Residential lofts are popular downtown.

Deep Ellum is often compared to another infamous Texas town, Austin. This neighborhood is known for its diverse community, nightlife and music scene. You will find a variety of music clubs and bars here.

Uptown includes several small districts that contain a variety of restaurants, shopping centers and chic condos. Several districts have elegant homes and mansions in addition to the burgeoning art scene.

East Dallas, which includes Greenville Avenue, is by far the most popular place in Dallas to experience Texas nightlife. Upper Greenville is considered more sophisticated, offering vintage clothing shops and unique restaurants.

One of the wealthiest residential areas is called Park Cities. This neighborhood includes University Park, the location where many students choose to study in Dallas.

Ultimately, Dallas is one of the highest-ranking cities in the country. In fact, it is even considered one of the top world cities.
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