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Situated in Butte County, the city of Chico is home to more than 86,000 people. It is a rapidly growing community located in the Sacramento Valley. Most people know the city for its school, California State University, Chico, but actually has much more to offer. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to purchase real estate in the city.

Chapmantown is a city actually considered Butte County land. It is a working-class neighborhood with a rural-style of living.

Many desirable homes are situated within Mansion Park. This upper middle class neighborhood is also home to the Bidwell Amphitheatre and Bidwell Mansion. Chico High school and Chico State are also not far away.

South Campus is a residential community, the first established in the city. You will find South Campus to be the most densely populated community, with plenty of students living in rentals. This is a desirable community to purchase real estate if your interest lies in renting out a home.

One of the most urban neighborhoods in Chico is known as Doe Mill. It is steadily developing, providing many new homes with easy commercial access. Aspen Glen is another up and coming residential area with plenty of homes available.

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Chico is Cussick Area. This community extends toward large orchards. Beautiful, giant houses have a peaceful backdrop here. If tranquility is what you are looking for, you can find it here.

The City of Roses, as Chico is often called, is a beautiful place to live. Choosing to buy real estate here is a wonderful choice for your family.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $261
Average price per  sq.feet  $1.51
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