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Brighton is among the most popular neighborhoods in the city of Boston. Especially popular among students and young professionals, Brighton offers plenty of affordable houses. Many of the homes are even situated along the waterfront. Those looking for affordable and high quality real estate in the Boston area will not be disappointed with Brighton.

Brighton itself is home to more than 40,000 people, with the median age of its residents nearing 30. While most homes in the area are single-family style, many college dwellings are available as well. Those shopping for real estate will have no trouble finding a desirable home for the family.

Many landmarks and activities are available in Brighton. The Boston University Bridge is more than 80 years old and connects the city to Cambridge. In addition, many jogging paths and beautiful viewing areas are available throughout the historical neighborhood.

Transportation is easy to find in Brighton. The Green line runs through the neighborhood, with the B and C branches making multiple stops along the route.

Brighton is home to four elementary schools and four high schools. Many middle school students attend one of the elementary schools that cover up to eighth grade. Additionally, many parents opt to send their children to one of the local Catholic schools. Boston College and Boston University are also located in Brighton.

Brighton is truly a beautiful place to live, full of homes that will please any family. Whether you are a student, professional or growing family, Brighton has much more to offer than meets the eye.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $538
Average price per  sq.feet  $15.86
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