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Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama with nearly 212,000 residents. In fact, nearly one-fourth of Alabama’s entire population lives in the Birmingham metropolitan area. This city has a reputation for its southern culture, history and laidback lifestyle.

Birmingham was founded in 1871 and became an industrial center for the southern United States. The town was able to build an economy based on mining, railroading and the iron and steel industries. Today, Birmingham has developed into a more urban residential city.

Culture in Birmingham offers music, art and sports you will not find everywhere. Visitors come to the Birmingham Museum of Art or to watch the local ballet. Nightlife and museums are found downtown. The Southern Museum of Flight and local zoo offer 700 animals for viewing. As you can see, there is much to do in the city.

Red Mountain is a neighborhood located just south of downtown. The neighborhood features a number of attractions including the Vulcan Statue and Red Mountain Park. It is one of the largest urban parks in the country, bigger than even the famous Central Park.

Southside is a forested area with many hills located just south of the business district. This neighborhood also happens to be the most densely populated section of Birmingham. It is also home to the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

The southern culture associated with Birmingham makes it a wonderful place to live with many events and attractions to take part in. Living here allows you to turn a house into a home.
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