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Anchorage is a city located in Alaska’s south central region. In addition, Anchorage is the northernmost city within the United States that is home to more than 100,000 people. Actually, Anchorage has more than 300,000 residents and remains the state’s most populous city.

Downtown Anchorage is among the most popular neighborhoods to live in if you are looking for a more bustling place to live. Downtown is the city’s main business district but it also features several points of interest. Dining and nightlife are readily available here. Many people from other Alaskan cities commute downtown for work as well.

Government Hill is the northwestern neighborhood situated right next to the downtown area. It is a diverse neighborhood in which many immigrants make their home. The neighborhood is also within walking distance to downtown.

Sand Lake surrounds the lake with the same name, located in southwestern anchorage. This neighborhood is popular among kayakers, fishers and those who want to enjoy a lovely family picnic outdoors. The lake is stocked on a regular basis.

Spenard was once a separate city but is now an Anchorage neighborhood. It is considered a more bohemian locale than the rest of the city, featuring many opportunities for artists and writers to spread their work.

Anchorage offers several lifestyles. One is the city life present in downtown and the other is much more rural. The amount of wildlife and recreation make it an excellent place to live if you love nature. If you are thinking about moving to Anchorage, check out these neighborhoods for more information.
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