Property prices for sale in Wisconsin region

The average price in the Wisconsin region has had same value in recent months. Prices in this region have remained pretty much stagnant.

Average price last 6 months
Price/sq.feet last 6 months
Average price per sq.feet

The price per sq.feet in Wisconsin has remained stagnant in the last 6 months. During May, the average price per sq.feet was $129. The following month (June) the price increased to $141 per sq.feet. The following two months (July, August) went through an increase of 105 % in the price per sq.feet rising from $135 to $142 per sq.feet. In the last two months, the price per sq.feet has decreased 88 %. This has been obtained by comparing the price $138.5 for the first four months of the sample with regard to the previous 4 months and the price $122.5 per sq.feet for the last two months (September, October).

Average price

Based upon to the price in Wisconsin(region), these have remained the same in the last 6 months. The average price in May is $238,314. In June the price increased to $259,766. In the following two months the average price didn't change much compared to the previous two going from $249,040 to $256,131. During the last two months the price has reduced 90 % compared to the previous average values going from $252,585.5 a $226,614.5 in September and October.

Average price per bedrooms

The graph displaying the the average price per number of bedrooms shows that those with 1 bedroom are the cheapest ones. They are 48 % more affordable than the average price in Wisconsin followed by those with 2 with an average price of $189,432. The most costly properties have 4 bedrooms. They are 35 % more expensive than the average followed by those properties with 3 bedrooms priced at $235,802.

Based on the average price per sq.feet those properties with 4 bedrooms are the cheapest ones with a price of $125 / sq.feet being $125 / sq.feet the average value within the Wisconsin region. The properties with the most expensive average price are those with 1 bedroom. These are 21 % more costly than the average followed by those with 2 bedrooms with a price of $150 / sq.feet.

Price per property type

The graph displaying the average price according to the property type shows "Office" as the most costly one. With an average cost of $225,610 it is 17 % more expensive than the average in Wisconsin. This is followed by "House" with a price of $290,079. The dearest property type is "Commercial" and is 100 % more expensive than the average, followed by "House" with a cost of $290,079.

Based on the average cost per sq.feet the most costly property type is "Office with a an average price of $129 / sq.feet, followed by "House" with a price of $144 / sq.feet. "Commercial" with an average price of $853 / sq.feet is the most costly type of property followed by "House" at a price of $144 / sq.feet.

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** Graph's data with null or zero value are due to there isn't enough data available to get a reliable value