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As the largest city in Florida State, Jacksonville remains one of the most popular cities for families to invest in. This Duval County city has more than 500 neighborhoods to choose from.

Northside Jacksonville is conveniently located for the airport, zoo and local parks. This part of town offers riverfront living in homes ranging from modest ranch-style to villas. Even though this is the most rural part of Jacksonville, it is not far from downtown either. That is why Northside is a popular choice for families and first time buyers.

Downtown Jacksonville is the city’s central business district. As the oldest and busiest part of the city, downtown draws many visitors and new residents. Many residents live in other neighborhoods and commute to downtown.

Riverside is situated in south Jacksonville and offers beautiful streets shaded by oaks. Here, you will find a combination of bungalows, brownstones and other types of homes. Plus, Riverside is just a short commute from downtown. Young professionals prefer this area because it offers trendy shops and clubs.

Southside Jacksonville has experienced tremendous growth recently for a few reasons. Families like the low crime rates, easy freeway access and schools with excellent reputations. Many parks and gated communities attract families with children and young professionals. Many first time buyers look here first.

San Marco is an artsy shopping and entertainment neighborhood just south of downtown Jacksonville. Built in 1920s, this neighborhood was modeled after a piazza in Venice. Today, it hosts historic homes and mansions. Creative types flock to this section of town.

Of course the beach communities around Jacksonville are popular too. The Atlantic Ocean area offers high property values and plenty of outdoor recreation. Condos, apartments and homes are all found here.

Jacksonville is a wonderful city to live, whether you are a young single or a family.

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In Jacksonville the most popular choice of bedrooms is 3, followed by 1 and 2.

We all want to make the most of our money’s worth. The average price per square foot within this search is $1.02/sq feet, with an average price of $1,333.89 and area of 1,302sq feet.

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